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Early Childhood Education 

Self-guided Gallery visits

Te Hura Haere: Discover

Self-guided ECE Education experiences are FREE at Tauranga Art Gallery, but donations are appreciated and bookings are essential.

Pre and post-visit resources designed to support the Principles and Strands of Te Whariki are provided for each visit.


Guided ing experiences 

What we offer:

Tauranga Art Gallery ECE Education Programmes are led by specialist Gallery Educator and are designed for groups of 8 to 12 children aged 4 -5 years.

All programmes are designed to support the Principles and Strands of Te Whariki, and pre and/or post-visit resources are provided for each.

Te Whai Hanga toi: Investigate, Share & Create

$3 per child for a 1 hour session (minimum of 8 children).

Groups focus on the themes and methods of making that are evident in one exhibition in the Gallery.

This is followed by a practical art activity inspired by the chosen exhibition.


Plan Your Visit

Please email us or call (07) 5790622 to make a booking or to find out more about what we can offer your students.

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