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New Work by Yvonne Todd

19 August - 6 November 2016

Enter the world of artist Yvonne Todd. Her works combine the slick production of commercial photography with imagery and scenarios that sit slightly left off center.

Yvonne Todd, Pale Blue, 2016. Courtesy of the artist

Having recently had her first child, this exhibition introduces a new thread to contemporary artist Yvonne Todd’s practice. Alongside other curious associations, Barnacles draws on some of the visual language of parenthood such as oversized mittens, bibs, curtain fabrics from Spotlight and a rather challenging self-portrait of the artist, 39 weeks into her pregnancy.

For this exhibition of new works commissioned by Tauranga Art Gallery, Todd has chosen to use ingénues - young, beautiful women inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol’s Factory Girls. Alongside references to the hippy, psychedelic style of the 1960s & 70s, the artist has also included a stern Victorian inspired gown, a portrait of a discarded disposable raincoat found in the gutter and the quasi-pretentious photographic treatment of an old sack.


This exhibition has been generously supported by Cooney Less Morgan.    


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