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Bob Tulloch: A Tribute 


A Tribute is Bob Tulloch's accolade to the people who have made a significant and positive contribution to the city, either culturally, economically, in sport or through service to the community. Personalities include Mary Dillon, Prue Gooch, Jane Barr, Jim Thomson, Winston Peters, Bob Addison, Bob Owens, Susan Harrison-Tustain, Sylvia Ashton Warner, and Lynley Dodd.

The portraits in some cases show a relevance of the subject to their known occupation or way of life, and in others show a side of their personality not so well known. Common to all however, Tulloch's choice of black and white medium brings to the fore the subject's personality.




In his 35 years as a professional photographer, Tauranga-based Bob Tulloch has been privileged to meet and photograph some of the most notable citizens of Tauranga.

Originally from the Urewera region, Tulloch established his photography business in Tauranga in 1975.

He has had a long-standing involvement with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography, achieving Master of Photography status and receiving numerous awards.

Tulloch has also judged at a national and international level for 25 years.



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