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42-44 Devonport Road, Tauranga

Black Carnival: Christine Webster 


A thought provoking work full of drama that questions an individual’s identity.

It is now over a decade since Black Carnival was made and exhibited to an undercurrent of shock.

The imagery in Black Carnival relates to masquerade, fantasy and eroticism, gender exchange, ambiguity, darkness and the various veneers, or guises, that each of us wear.

Or perhaps aspire to.

The exhibition consists of 60 lineal metres of cibachrome life-sized photographs that were captured in 1991- 3 in Dunedin.

Each of the ten figures used as models, including Webster herself, is larger than life, and set within backdrops of black or crimson velvet, reminiscent of a 1930s travelling circus. 


The sexuality is overt, and the darkness of the backdrops provides a reflective quality acting as a mirror, so the viewers can see themselves and thus become part of the carnival.

Note: contains nudity







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