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BIG RED: Gaye Jurisich 

Altering people’s perspective by creating something they can’t ignore is the intention behind sculptor Gaye Jurisich’s works.

It would be impossible to ignore BIG RED, a visual bombardment of shimmering red streamers suspended from the Atrium ceiling that rustle in the draft from the opening door; a total transformation of the cavernous white Atrium space.

Her use of red en-masse is overwhelming and designed to trigger the raft of emotions and responses that come with it. Blood. Hell-fire and brimstone. Passion. Love.

People are meant to interact with BIG RED. Not only will their visual senses be stimulated from the outside but those willing to walk inside it and be absorbed into the moving sea of red, will be confronted with a totally different emotion; for some claustrophobia, for others, maybe courage.

Jurisich creates site-specific sculptures using everyday utilitarian materials, often giving them a temporary reprieve from the rubbish; anything she can source in bulk. Materials that on their own are insignificant, but undergo a complete transformation when used en-masse. Things like drawing pins, leis, even cottonbuds. In BIG RED’s case, the plastic used to tie rubbish bags. Over 87.8 kilometres of it to be precise, made into 5,856 15m-long streamers.

Jurisich aims to challenge people by pushing the boundaries of contemporary art, and to facilitate opportunities for them to experience art in a different form. She also wants people to view a space differently to how it is usually, by transforming it into a work of art. She carefully considers the space, the environment and how best it can be used; place her sculptures in a different space and the result would be totally different.

Jurisich exhibited at Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea in 2007 and has recently installed her work at Brick Bay Sculpture Trail and Waitakaruru Sculpture Park in the Waikato. She has been invited to exhibit in 2008 at the Westcott Bay Sculpture Park, San Juan Island, USA.

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