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Whose Water Are You? Skövde Art Museum, Photo: Johan Fransson, copyright: Jeanette Schäring.

Whose Water Are You?

Jeanette Schäring

14 April – 15 July 2018

Water is life, everywhere water is connected with life and water is an essential element of life that has been neglected and taken for granted. Demand for clean water is increasing, which increases demands on our local environments. But over recent decades, due to the increased pressure on our natural environment, water has also become a highly charged social, cultural and political resource.

Tauranga-based Swedish artist Jeanette Schäring is inviting the local community to contribute water samples and even stories from their everyday lives and surroundings to create her dynamic installation Whose Water Are You?.

Whose Water Are You? is a dialogue about the water in us, the water in our lives, the water in our environment and it’s spiritual connection and meaning in all of life.

H2O Whose water are you? Blå Stället, Gothenburg Sweden. Photo Runa AK Juhanisdotter. Copyright Jeanette Schäring. 
Drawing upon her extensive research in art and science, Schäring visualises our sensitive eco system using colour from plants as an indicator for water and nature. It is a dynamic and living installation that with time will change colour and evoke questions about water and water quality.
The artist has asked the local community to become part of this project, and contribute water samples and stories from their everyday lives and surroundings to create this beautiful installation.


‘Water is the life and blood of our earth. Water flows through you and me, water flows through soil and trees and rocks, through the bodies of every living creatures and through its own ever changing life. Water is fragile and complicated, expensive and threatened. Water is living.’ ~ J. Schäring

This exhibition has been supported by project partners Creative NZ, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and 500 Club:

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