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Time Capsule 

The Time Capsule idea was launched in June by the TAG team, and community groups were invited to submit a proposal and be part of it. The initiative has been conceived with the priorities of connecting people with art, and creating a sense of belonging and ownership of Tauranga's cultural institution, in mind.

The brief said to submit a proposal for a mural work that will serve as a time capsule. They should contain reference to life in Tauranga and/or the Western Bay in 2015, and what art means to the group. The two groups selected in July were Papamoa Kindergarten and ACG Tauranga. This is what they are doing: 


Children that attend Papamoa Kindergarten have painted their work named Lest we Forget on the wall of the Vault. The work is inspired by WWI and the ANZACS. The children did research into their tipuna (ancestors) who fought in World War I or were involved in the war effort (there are photographs of women in there, too).

The ancestors are represented in the sky above a field of poppies. The field is being painted by the children using brushes and their hands. The parents have painted the sky around the tipuna. The group has also projected an image of a child and parent in front of a giant poppy in the centre onto the wall. 



ACG Tauranga's project is a large-scale, collaborative work based on artist Reuben Paterson and his work Whakapapa: get down upon your knees. 

The pupils have created a rotational print, designed to rotate around two points and divided in half diagonally, so that students have two different compositional outcomes upon printing.

The work is a response to Paterson’s ideas, both conceptionally and visually. His work explores his genealogy and heritage, and is presented in visual form through the use of pattern.

Throughout the process, students have reflected on their cultural background, and that of our country and local area.  



After a month, the art works will disappear under the new lining of the Vault gallery space, not to be revealed until the next time the walls need refurbishing. 

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