TAG art studio for children

April School Holiday Programme
Colours of Nature

Inspired by Whose Water Are You? by Jeanette Schäring, children will work with natural dye on fabric, with a focus on colour, pattern making and sustainability.

Art Studios for Children

A range of TAG art studios for children aged 4 years + are advertised regularly. They usually take place in the school holidays. 

School Holiday Programmes 

1.5 - 2 hour weekend and school holiday programme sessions generally cost $20 per child.

Non refundable payment must be made at time of booking to secure your childs’ place.

The next school holiday programmes will be held in April. 

You will find the details here... 

Drop In Sessions 

Each term, our Learning and Engagement Team organises fun drop-in sessions. They relate to a current exhibition, and are suitable for ages 4+ Great fun for parents and children. 


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