Open daily, 10am-4pm

42-44 Devonport Road, Tauranga

Surface Tension

An exhibition by contemporary New Zealand artists who treat the canvas like a sculpture. The artists explore texture and shape, treating the surface of the canvas similarly, but each using different processes with differing results.

Alexander Bartleet uses recognisable objects such as mobile phones, cassettes, hinges and fishing twine, filling the canvas in a seething energised mass. He then adds his own variation by over-brushing and then rubbing back. Miranda Parkes creates colourful, three-dimensional canvases that beg the question, is it a sculpture or a painting?

Parkes first paints the flat canvas in bold colours and stripes and then manipulates and scrunches the canvas into a billowing, sagging and exuberant three-dimensions.  Katie Thomas uses resin and mixed media to create sinewy, fibrous shapes and textures.

Other artists in the exhibition include: James Robinson, Charlotte Adams, Geoff Dixon and Peter Panyoczki.

Surface Tension has been curated in-house with all works sourced from dealer galleries.



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