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SGT P: Jim Cooper 

New Zealand ceramist Jim Cooper illustrates the lyrics of the iconic Beatles’ album, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with this collection of quirky, 3-D ceramic figures.

He has combined the psychedelic nature of the 1960s with his own experiences of growing up in that era into a community of humorous ceramic characters that seek to provoke, question and stimulate the viewer.


Cooper has let the clay express itself, resulting in exaggerated parts of the anatomy that lend distinctive characteristics and expressions to each figure that are not always pretty to look at: larger than life eyes, hands or teeth juxtaposed against skinny limbs that don’t appear strong enough to support them, but add to the impression of the heady ‘60s culture we remember.

The works of Sgt P are pushing the boundaries or traditional ceramic modes.

In association with the NewDowse; with assistance from Firth Industries Tauranga and Bay Hiab.

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