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Rockers and Rollers
Prints from Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art & History and The Rutherford Trust Collection



The print collection at Aratoi is a snapshot of printmaking during the ten year existence of the New Zealand Print Council (1967 – 77), of which most of the artists represented in the exhibition, were members.

The Print Council was set up to counter the perceived marginalisation of printmaking as an art form, through touring exhibitions, workshops and lectures.

Of the artists in this exhibition, John Drawbridge, Mervyn Williams, Stanley Palmer, Barry Cleavin, Pat Hanly and Marilynn Webb were all founding members of the Print Council.

Robin White, Kate Coolahan, Penny Ormerod, Don Ramage and Gwen Morris also exhibited with the Print Council.










Work by Gordon Walters and Jeffrey Harris from The Rutherford Trust Collection (now housed at Aratoi) expands the selection, along with Stephen Allwood.

Examples of wood engravings from the 1940s by E. Mervyn Taylor and Stewart Maclennan are the earliest prints in the Collection.




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