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Printmaking: Beyond the Frame 





An exhibition of work of members of the Central Print Council Aotearoa New Zealand (CPCANZ) and three invited guests – Kate McLean, Alexis Neal and Jeff Thomson. 

The title refers to the frame that surrounds a two dimensional work, isolating it from the wall and forming a barrier of protection or decoration. It also refers to the contemporary perception of print.











Traditionally, a print has been thought of as “an image that can be reproduced as part of an edition (either limited or unlimited)”.

However, in the contemporary environment discussion around what defines prints and printmaking is likely to include philosophical perspectives, a consideration of specific traditional techniques and the impact and absorption of newer technologies.











Artists who have contributed to Printmaking: Beyond the Frame use printmaking to solve aesthetic questions, explore a technical conundrum, poke fun at art phylosophy or simply declare their place in the artistic scheme of things.

The three invited guests were selected on the basis of their innovatory combination of print with materials and processes that are not generally associated with printmaking.

Jeff Thomson combines print with corrugated iron, Kate McLean’s pieces utilise print and clay, and Alexis Neal weaves a range of print techniques and materials into work of two and three dimensions.






The artists who are exhibiting work in Printmaking / Beyond the Frame are: 

  • Jacqueline Aust
  • Kathy Boyle
  • Beth Charles
  • Julia Ellery
  • Laura Hudson
  • Jean Clarkson 
  • Sue Pearson
  • Valerie Cuthbert
  • Julia Ellery
  • Lisa Feyen
  • Jo Giddens
  • Susanne Khouri
  • Maria Lambert
  • Steve Lovett
  • Prue MacDougall
  • Maria Martin-Smith
  • Kate McLean
  • Emma McLellan
  • Alexis Neal
  • Antonia O’Mahony
  • Nicol Sanders-O’Shea
  • Jeff Thomson
  • Jill Webster 

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