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He Aho Tangata - The Human Threads: John Bevan Ford

19 December, 2008 - 22 February, 2009 

Ford's skilful compositions pull at the threads of the heart to remind us of our connections to culture, history and art making. 


19 December 2008 - 08 March, 2009 

Showcasing the strength of Samoan art within the New Zealand and international contemporary art scene.


19 December, 2008 - 22 February, 2009

Exploring the adaptation of new material and technology by a people who were not restricted by customary practice.

Jae Hoon Lee: A Leaf

17 December 2007 - 02 March 2008

Lee has captured the underlying theme of transparency in A Leaf

Myrioarama 4: Julia Morison

23 November, 2008 - 03 May, 2009

Julia Morison has appropriated a Victorian card game of the same name into a large-scale group of paintings.

Stopover: Bruce Connew

11 October - 14 December, 2008

Stopover is is a book and photographic essay on Indian-Fijian migration.

Teaching Aids: Julia Morison

04 October - 14 December, 2008 

Large flowers made from floor mops attract attention as wall sculptures


27 September - 7 December, 2008

The tradition of flower painting in New Zealand dates back to European settlement. 

New educational series (part 2)- Better Military Modelling: Jill Kennedy

27 September - 14 December, 2008

The New Educational Series is a specific re-animation of outmoded instructional and educational materials. 


Here: John Roy

05 August, 2008 - 

A plague of small rabbits is running riot on the ground floor of the Gallery.


From Aongatete: Tony Lane - A Survey

26 July - 28 September, 2008 

Tony Lane has a passion for the language of painting - historical and contemporary, NZ-based and international.

Edward Bullmore: A Surrealist Odyssey

15 June - 21 September, 2008 

A Surrealist Odyssey is an extensive survey exhibition of Edward Bullmore

BIG RED: Gaye Jurisich

19 May - 16 November, 2008

Altering people’s perspective by creating something they can’t ignore. 

ULTRAMarte: Contemporary Art From New Zealand

17 May - 13 July, 2008 

ULTRAMarte recognises New Zealand's independence as a Pacific nation, and embraces our strong cultural ties to the countries of our origins.

Ko Tawa: Maori Ancestors of New Zealand

15 March - 11 May , 2008 

Ko Tawa is a selection of 28 taonga from the extensive collection of Captain Gilbert Mair

Like Mother Like Daughter

15 March - 11 May, 2008 

Like Mother Like Daughter celebrates two women artists who are connected to the Bay of Plenty.

Te Huringa / Turning Points

12 April - 08 June, 2008 

Te Huringa / Turning Points Pakeha Colonisation and Maori Empowerment

Handboek: Ans Westra

02 February - 06 April, 2008 

Ans Westra is an unseen observer, a documenter of contemporary New Zealand life. 

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