Past Events

Performance and Panel Discussion: Darcell Apelu

8 August 2015

Performance and Panel Discussion: Darcell Apelu
Saturday, August 8, 2015 - 1:30pm

Darcell Apelu will perform at the Tauranga Art Gallery around her new exhibition Make Me. Her art practice involves mediums such as moving image, sound, performance and installation and her practice is informed by her experiences as an Afakasi female.

Artist Darcell Apelu's work explores perceptions of the Pacific body through identification, specifically that of ‘being other’ within the social climate of New Zealand and the Pacific.
She is a mixed medium artist of New Zealand, European, and Niuean decent, raised in Mount Maunganui. Her father is of Niuean decent and her mother is Pakeha.
Darcell's work contests the position of constantly being ‘other’.
It explores her journey that has been shaped since being exposed to Pacific culture in Auckland and how she now views the space that she has come to occupy in Tauranga.

Darcell's performance on Saturday will be followed by a Panel Discussion starting at 2.15pm: Contested sites: Performance Art and the Pacific Body in Aotearoa.

The discussion is chaired by Lana Lopesi, and Leafa Krause, Jeremy Leatinu’s, and Darcell Apelu are speakers. People are encouraged to take part and ask questions about the exhibition and performance. 

It will be an interactive session and questions from the audience are most welcome.