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Twistin' the Swing

4 September 2015

Twistin' the Swing
Friday, September 4, 2015 - 7:00pm

We can't wait to host this great band here at the Gallery! Twistin’ the Swing is an all-acoustic band, with a repertoire that has a great mixture of world and gypsy swing music.

They can do Django with their eyes closed (and the proverbial arm tied behind their backs), but get them to open at least one eye and you’ll hear some great Latin, American Jazz and European music rendered through their own interpretation.

The band was formed by two young and talented musicians with a great passion for Gypsy Jazz and an irrepressible desire to share this passion.
Highly energetic Etienne Bizjak (from Belgium) and, by contrast, even-tempered Mikael Kovalov (from Latvia) instantly hit it off when they met, which is seen as nothing short of a miracle considering their almost polar opposite personalities.
Right from the start the duo made it their mission to modernize Gypsy Jazz, making it enjoyable for young and old.
The band became a purely international project after two new members had joined them. Djordje Nikolic, Serbian upright-bass player, had brought their music to a totally different realm with his great sense of rhythm and musicality.
Of course they couldn’t avoid having at least one talented Kiwi to show them around.  Phillip Beatson (guitar) was originally a flamenco player but with a great interest in Gypsy music. Phillip started as as a student of Mikael but after a while it was clear that he was too good not have him in a band.
The dynamics between the different personalities of the band members has affected their performance constructively, which can be seen in their positive and highly energetic performances, as well as more cool and relaxing sessions – making their music suitable for any occasion.
In those few years band existed it has managed to perform on many different occasions including festivals such as ”Music in the parks”, ”Taste of Auckland” and ”Alliance Française Music Festival”.
They had played in venues like ”The Tuning Fork” and have been operating as a regular band in many places including ”The Occidental” and ”Le Touquet”.
You don't want to miss this great gig! Secure your tickets at Front of House or by calling 578-7933.