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Rachel Dawick - A Rare and Magical Thing

10 December 2015

Rachel Dawick - A Rare and Magical Thing
Thursday, December 10, 2015 - 7:00pm
Rachel Dawick's background in drama and literature, which comes to the fore as her songwriting and also her singing inhabits the lives of each of the six women as they emerge from this Wild West scene to tell their tale - the Washer Woman, the Goldminer, The Prostitute, The Magician, The Missionary's Wife and the Fraudster. 
Her songs tell the stories of our pioneer women. We are being transported to New Zealand in the 1800s guided by our narrator Rachel, who weaves the journeys of each of the six women bringing us, the audience, to a timely end in 1893 as we give out a victory cheer as The Women's Vote is made into law.  
Rachel's interest of a range of genres is reflected in this latest album moving freely from blues to country,  folk to swing, cabaret to musical theatre, as each character takes on a different musical voice.