Past Events

Richard Adams & Nigel Gavin

26 March 2016

Richard Adams & Nigel Gavin
Saturday, March 26, 2016 - 3:15pm

Jazz Guitarist Richard Adams and Jazz Violinist Nigel Gavin are a special pairing, renowned nationally and internationally for their virtuosity and musicianship.

There original compositions take the listener on a musical and visual journey like no other. Painting with notes is how some reviewers describe there original tunes.

With elements of Gipsy Swing a deserted marketplace at night somewhere in an Arabia of the imagination, music for a stately European drawing room or a lively jazz-bar in down town New York, you will not be disappointed!  

See this YouTube video for a taste of what they sound like. 

This performance at TAG is part of The National Jazz Festival's downtown carnival, which attracts more than 60000 people to events during the long Easter weekend.