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Anika Moa - Songs for Bubbas 2

27 April 2016

Anika Moa - Songs for Bubbas 2

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 3:30pm

Tauranga Art Gallery is excited about being chosen by Anika Moa as the Tauranga venue of her Songs for Bubbas 2 tour. 

Anika says: "Songs for Bubbas was born out of boredom, frustration and my silliness. Over the space of a year and a half I started to write the album in-between bot bots, tantrums, kai time and poo poo nappies, oh, along with my actual career which involves a lot of travel, strumming and singing. 

"It has been a saviour of sorts, a moment to relish my beautiful children and to be a child myself. I write music to inspire myself but most importantly, to inspire everyone around me. I love being ridiculous and in the moment so it is a happy outcome for everyone.
"I released Songs for Bubbas in December 2013 thinking it was a small side project but never fully knowing the impact of what it will become and is still becoming. It has far exceeded my expectations and still gives me a little thrill knowing it is so popular with mothers, fathers, grannies etc like me all over Aotearoa and even the world."

Songs For Bubba’s will capture the hearts and imagination of every child in Aotearoa.

The album is half Maori, half English being both educational whilst engaging Moa to continue her Maori language through song. Perfect examples are ‘Colours Are Beautiful’ and ‘Tahi, Rua, Toru, Wha’... To hear some of Anika's Songs for Bubbas, click here...