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One for the Whales 

One for the whales is a project that commenced with an idea by the National Whale Centre's project director, Luit Bieringa meeting with a number of the artists who had been involved with the Pew Environment Group Kermadec project. Given the similar aims of the National Whale Centre whose brand is GIVING A FUTURE TO THE PAST the artists at that initial meeting: Greg O'Brien, John Pule, Fiona Hall and Bruce Foster together with Sydney printmaker Michael Kempson looked at ways to enable to promote the aims of the National Whale Centre by a fundraising venture involving the environmental concerns of the artists and their creative energies.

Not confined to the 'Kermadec artists' the project also involves the work of other prominent New Zealand image makers and indeed the first print produced was Dick Frizzell's Sam Hunt poem-based print, The Harpooner's Song or One for the Whales, which focuses on the Picton story associated with New Zealand's commercial whaling story.

The National Whale Centre commissions the prints from the artists and pays for their printing either by Michael Kempson in Sydney, Artrite in Auckland, and Papergraphica in Christchurch. 

All basic income goes to the National Whale Centre project.

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