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Drawing is central to Jill Sorensen's work, it is a tool she uses to investigate two fundamental functions of the brain - thinking and non-thinking. Naturally right-handed, Sorensen uses her left hand to draw from her imagination without conscious thought, a form of 'automatic' drawing. Sorensen then uses her right hand, or the thinking side of her brain, to reposition and adjust her drawings.

Sorensen's figures are a combination of pony or rabbit type figures often with human features, in which she expresses the idea that things are not always as they seem. Through her complex characters, Sorensen explores the concept of cheating and lying and in particular, how this manifests in celebrity culture. By imposing human features such as eyes and mouths, onto her characters, she draws attention to duplicity and game-playing. Her fun, quirky characters hide a more sinister side.

Jill Sorensen is an Auckland based artist who exhibitions regularly in New Zealand and Japan. She is a fine Arts Lecturer at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in Auckland.

Of Course I Meant It When I Said I Didn't Mean It: Jill Sorensen

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