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Muka Youth Prints are coming back 

Back by popular demand on Monday, May 29, between 3.30 - 5.30pm. No bookings required! 

The idea behind Muka Youth Prints is simple: The best way to make young people acquainted with contemporary art is to get real works of art in their hands.

For 30 years, the Muka Youth Print Exhibition has been touring the country exhibiting original lithographs exclusively for young people.

The exhibition is NZ’s longest on-going art event and since its inception in 1987, more than 50,000 works have found their way into the collections of young New Zealanders.

Muka Gallery the country every year with a set of 40 new lithographs, providing an opportunity for young people (aged 5-18 inclusive) to purchase lithographic artworks in an environment where adults are not allowed. Entry to the exhibition is free, any young person is welcome and there is no pressure to buy.

A number of well known artists from all over the world are invited to produce a set of small (100x200mm) original lithographs. The works reflect the normal style and concerns of the artists.

The lithographs will be sold exclusively to young people aged 5 - 18. Visitors to the show can buy a maximum of three lithographs and only for themselves, not for adults.

The names and signatures of the artists are covered over during the shows, as Muka wants young art collectors to look at the work, not considering the fame of the artist or potential for financial gain.

Adults are not allowed in at the exhibitions and visitors can enter the exhibition space only once. Mobile phones and cameras are not allowed into the exhibition space and the prints cost $70 unframed.

DIY frames are available. They also cost $70 but have to be ordered and paid beforehand via 

Please note: Frames or framed works cannot be posted as the risk of breakage is too big.

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