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November 2018 Newsletter
Dear Friends,

We have had a hugely busy couple of months in the Gallery.  I attended the Beyond Geyserland opening (14/9) along with the weekend tour (6/10) of the same exhibition by local artist and Friend, Barry Dabb.  Both events were excellent and through them I am getting to know more Friends - which is great! 
The Behind the Scenes installation talks lead by Gallery Director Karl Chitham are informative tours that easily fit in a lunchtime schedule.  We had two in September - Beyond Geyserland and the more recent Fiona Pardington and Cat Auburn exhibitions.  There is another one coming up at the end of October (31/10) - 'Say it, just say it' curated by Dacell Apelu, in response to the 125th Anniversary of the New Zealand Suffrage movement.  Numbers are limited for these 'Friends Only' events, generally only 10 -15 people!  So please take advantage of these opportunities to have a more intimate exhibition experience, before the public get to see it.

Another 'Friends Only' event which is held once or twice a year is a Studio visit - where a small group of Friends will visit an artist at their home/studio.  Last month the Friends visited Anne Bailey to see her beautiful and delicate birds. 
Marc Anderson, the Director for the BOP Garden & Arts Festival, spoke at our Art in the Afternoon in October. The BOP Garden & Arts Festival will be held from 15-19 November, with the Festival Hub based at the Historic Village. It will be a feast of music/food/garden and Art!   
Thank you to John, Barbara and Yvonne for contributing articles on the above events for your reading pleasure.

A reminder too that 'The Rooms' exhibition at The Elms is coming to a close on the 24 October.  The Elms is a special place and this exhibition has introduced another dimension to the people who lived at The Elms and who are an important part of Tauranga's history.
We get to take a breath in November, the pace slows a little. Details on the upcoming events can be found in the newsletter along with information on the entities supporting the Tauranga Art Gallery, as requested at the AGM.

See you at a Gallery event soon.
Another 'Behind the scenes' talk is coming up 
31 October  12.00 noon
'Say it, just say it'

curated by Dacell Apelu, in response to the 125th Anniversary of the New Zealand Suffrage movement.  Numbers are limited to generally only 10 -15 people. I highly recommend taking advantage of these opportunities of an early, more intimate exhibition experience.
Gallery and Committee news

Our fabulous Gallery Director, Karl Chitham, will be leaving and  heading to a cooler climate down in the Hutt Valley. Karl will take on the role of Director of the Dowse Art Museum at the start of 2019.  We will miss Karl and wish him well in his new and exciting role.  We may have to organise a Friends Road trip and stop in for a visit.

The Friends Committee is excited to welcome our new Social Media expert, Kalou Koefoed.  Many of you will know Kalou from the Art Gallery where she has worked for a number of years.  Kalou is an artist (you may have seen some of her cards in the Gallery shop) and a writer - she has recently self-published her first novel for children, The Wave. She lives in the Mount with her husband and son and their cat.  Please look out for more regular Facebook and Instagram updates from Kalou!

The Committee is looking for a new Secretary.  Work and Study commitments have meant John has stepped back from the role, so we are hoping someone will be keen to join our friendly Committee in this capacity. We thank John for his contribution in this role and are very pleased that he will remain on the Committee in his other capacity, as caterer extraordinaire for Friends events:).

Membership Fees: At the AGM in September, a resolution to increase the Friends Membership fees was raised and members voted to approve it.  The annual subscriptions will now be Individuals $30 and Family $50.  Students membership fees remain the same at $15.  This is the first increase in subscriptions for many years and will help us continue to support the Gallery.  You will notice the increase on the website, when you receive your next annual subscription reminder and in the new Friends brochure. 
Come and join us for the Friends Art in Afternoon. Hear Kelcy Taratoa speak about his work and inspirations on 
Wed 7 November, 3.00pm; with afternoon tea. 
Friends a gold coin donation, visitors $5.
Join us for a special opening of four amazing exhibitions:
Friday, 9 November, 5.30 pm
Tauranga Art Gallery
  • Colourfield by Emma Prill
  • Say it, Just Say it; curated by Darcell Apely
  • Soft Paradise / Ka Rongo Te Po, Ka Rongo Te Ao 
    Works by Fiona Pardington
  • The Horses Stayed Behind by Cat Auburn
Visitor numbers are limited, please register here 

Behind the Scenes –
with Gallery Director Karl Chitham
Works by
Fiona Pardington
and Cat Auburn

Members of the ‘Friends of Tauranga Art Gallery’ were treated to a ‘behind the scenes’ expose two highly acclaimed exhibitions now showing at the art gallery.
Fiona Pardington – ‘Soft Paradise / Ka Rongo Te Po Ka Ronga Te Ao’
Cat Auburn – ‘ The Horses Stayed Behind’
Staff was still making final preparations for the two installations;  colours were specifically chosen to to complement Fiona Pardington's amazing body of work.
Karl shared his in-depth knowledge of Fiona’s work, his back story to content she meticulously created from all parts of her life: her love of the ocean, her children as her muse in one of the pieces.  Karl has assembled a breath taking collection of photography for this exhibition.
In the ‘Vault’ exhibition space, Cat Audurn's intricate, beautifully created rosettes made of horses manes, is her gallant homage to the Soldiers & Horses of World War One.
Karl shared the story behind her pursuit and collection of the material needed to complete this incredible installation.
Both exhibitions are a must see, we are grateful to Karl for sharing his wealth of knowledge and allowing us to get a true ‘Behind the scenes’ experience again.
John Beech
Committee Member
Karl Chitham - reflected in two of Fiona's wonderful photos.
In Studio visits, a 'Friends Only' event held only once or twice a year, a small group of Friends visits an artist at their home/studio. Last month the Friends visited Anne Bailey - see Barbara Hill's review below.


Barbara Hill hosted an intimate group of Friends on a visit to Anne Baileys art studio on the way to Katikati.  Studio visits are only open to Friends and are normally limited to a maximum of 10.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the many talented artists we have here in the Bay of Plenty.
The visit to Anne Bailey was a visual feast of fabric, old silk ties, wallpapers, vintage and current.
Anne’s bird studies look to the casual eye like watercolours but once examined have layer after layer of beauty from different mediums, finished sometimes with fine script referencing the extinction of certain species and the introduction of man-made inventions of the decade - social commentary in part.
Her recent work is a departure into architectural forms, multi-layered and recording the passing of certain buildings, such as Christchurch's 'Edmonds Sure To Rise' factory
Truly worth the visit, thank you Anne.
Art in Afternoon with Mark Anderson
 Garden & Arts Festival Director


Marc spoke of leaving his newly completed trade apprenticeship in  New Zealand in the 1980’s behind, instead searching for a career in the UK music business.  
We laughed as Marc recounted the way he wrote a phone number on his arm (that was inadvertently partly washed off) that opened the door to many years on the road with Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Prince, Michael  Jackson and John Denver. He lived on the road for many years, moved to Australia and Ireland, became Production Manager for Riverdance and worked on big budget corporate events and concerts. In those years he learned how to solve daily logistical challenges, and how to keep calm under pressure.   Along the way he married Caitriona Fallon, Riverdance's Irish lead singer.

Marc is Festival Director for the Bay of Plenty Garden and Art Festival, which runs for the 21st year this coming November (15-18th). It will be my second time viewing all the gardens and artwork and will take some stamina to see more than 70 gardens and over 50 artists in the space of 4 days.

I like that the Festival Hub will be at the Historic Village and open until 9.30 pm, so that you can enjoy events, food, live music and stage acts into the night. Art will be on display at many gardens, and each of the 50 artists will be represented in the People’s Gallery for 2 weeks following the festival. 

Leading up to the festival are “On the Couch” event with Ruud Kleinpaste, the Long Lunch at Mills Reed with Maggie Barry.
Lots to plan and see, so all we need is some fine Bay of Plenty sunshine.
See www.gardenand
Yvonne Lambert
Barry Dabb talks about Tohu (1979)  by Gordon Walters (1919-1995) during his tour of the exhibition 'Beyond Geyserland'.  
Other event dates!
Wednesday, October 31 at 12 noon
        Say It, Just Say It
        Behind the scenes with Darcell Apelu – Friends only – 10max.
Wednesday, 7 November at 3 pm

        Art in the Afternoon - Kelsy Taratoa, Toi Ohomai

Friday, 9 November at 5.30 pm

        Opening of 4 exhibitions;Tauranga Art Gallery - all welcome

Wednesday, 5 December at 3 pm

        Art in the Afternoon
        Final words from Karl Chitham &  Christmas gathering

Friday, 14 December, 5.30 pm

        Opening of Askew1, Stories of Rust and
        Matekino Lawless (Weaver who is 90 years old!)

RSVP through Friends email please. Why not bring a friend? We love to have some new members! 

More information on events will follow in coming newsletters.
We welcome donations from Friends (and friends of Friends!) to support the projects we sponsor. A little goes a long way and you may be able, next to your membership fee, to donate an extra $10 or $15 to get for example a preschool kid joining in the pre-school education visits!  Have a look also at this video made by the gallery that features some of our Friends:
Friends Committee contacts:
General email

Chair: Bridget Cummins, 0274935782
Treasurer: Emma Wright
Secretary: John Beech
Membership Secretary: Yvonne Lambert Ph: 021 499 318  
Art in Afternoon/ Art Away Trips: Paula Harrison Ph: 021 2744116    
Art at Home:/ Art in Studios: Via Friends email
Art at the Movies: Alex Sutherland ph: 027 252 2601
Newsletter: Hella Bauer: via email 
We hope to see you all soon at the Gallery or at one of our events!
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