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New Educational Series (Part 1): Jill Kennedy 

Two short films by Jill Kennedy

1. New Educational Series - Canaries in Colour (3.15mins)

A nostalgic pastiche of found graphic material from AV ing programmes of the 1970s, where the viewer is taken back on a psychedelic journey through a book of canaries.

Jill recently graduated from Unitec’s Graduate Diploma in Design, where she specialised in animation.

During the last few months of her course, she completed Neuro Economy and has since collaborated with artist Mark Braunias to produce the animation of his work currently showing in the Atrium of the Gallery.



2. Neuro-Economy (5.05mins)

An animated film set to a real recording found on a telephone answering machine.

Jill takes us on a journey that jumps from past to present, and is

accompanied by a real audio recording found on a telephone answering

machine by an anonymous caller. The caller introduces himself and goes

on to explain a neuro economy but gradually diverges further and

further from reality, highlighted by animated graphics of ing

material from the 1960s and ‘70s.

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