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Let me tell you a story...

Natasha Cousens

30 March - 16 June 2019

Tauranga artist Natasha Cousens' fantastical creatures will peer, creep and emerge from the Gallery walls as the fifth installment of Mega World.

Cousens illustrative designs are brought to life in 3-dimensional forms with clay, fiberglass and baberdashery.

Self-taught, Cousens studied restoration in her early twenties and diverging from the traditional crafts such as gilding, faux-finishing and encaustic tiles, she melds ceramics, beads, textiles, and mixed media to form her fantastical creatures.

This is the first time her creatures have been brought together in her first solo exhibition; surveying recent work that share mythological essences, and narratives of emotion, spirituality, life and death.

Fabricating her sculptures by hand, she meticulously assembles every detail working from her home studio in Tauranga. Cousens’ animals - from field and forest - display an ethereal, poetic and quirky nature, reminiscent of wildlife imagery found in fairytales and fables across many cultures but possess a story to tell of their own.


Follow Cousen's progress on her blog: 
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