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Myriorama 4: Julia Morison 

Julia Morison has appropriated a Victorian card game of the same name into a large-scale group of paintings modelled specifically for the Atrium.

The installation is the fourth in her Myriorama series.

Myriorama is defined as a picture consisting of separate sections that can be combined in numerous ways to form different scenes.

Morison's interpretation is based intrinsically on linear modulations.

Her work take you on a journey through a metropolis of lines, becoming tied into complex ponytails or spaghetti junctions, and in places, unfolding onto the floors as black rubber cord.

Though each wall of the Atrium is unique in size and separated by open space, the works connect with visual continuity and narrative.



Morison's process is precise, each line neat and executed with exactitude.

Myriorama:4 is painted on panels that lock together like sophisticated dominoes, demonstrating her mathematical approach to painting, and like the dictionary definition for Myriorama, containing orderliness only broken when necessary; her manipulation of lines creating an  illusion of depth and space.



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