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Invitation to Openness—Substantive and Transitive States 


Invitation to Openness—Substantive and Transitive States, by Wellington sculptor Elizabeth Thomson is an ambitious installation of hundreds of flocked bronze white moths.

Invading the gallery space, the moths will create an immersive environment, landing on the walls of their own accord without the restriction of order as if it is their natural habitat.



Listen to this The Dowse podcast on SoundCloud, where Elizabeth Thompson, artist behind the exhibition Invitation to Openness—Substantive and Transitive States talks about where her work with moths began and how the exhibition evolved throughout the process.


Elizabeth Thomson says "While this new arrangement is the biggest moth installation I've undertaken, it is more understated in its presentation. These white moths will have a ghostly presence, evoking a sense of unease but also mystery and wonder—like an apparition or vision, a pure moment in time and a reminder of our fragility and transience ...  Invitation to Openness is an invitation to suspend disbelief and preconception—leaving the viewer open to experience a heightened sense of awareness—of just being”.

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