Open daily, 10am-4pm

42-44 Devonport Road, Tauranga

Decked: Skateboard Art 

Decked is a display of artworks created from blank skateboard decks, by a selection of artists and designers, ranging from well respected members of the design community, musicians and photographers, to emerging and established contemporary New Zealand artists. Some of the artists are involved in the skate boarding culture while many were unfamiliar with it beforehand.

The various approaches used to create the 50 boards included in the exhibition, are a reflection of the many personalities each board represents, with some boards even taking on a third dimension.

The majority of the boards originate from an annual exhibition called BoardArt 08, developed by the Centre of Contemporary Art, in Christchurch.


Further to these boards, Bay of Plenty based artists and skaters have contributed, including artist and polytechnic tutor, Laurie Steer. The exhibition reflects a continuing interest in the skateboard as an art form. 

Skateboard DVDs courtesy of The Garden Surf and Skate shop, Tauranga.

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