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Candy Land 



Tauranga artist, Marijon Spee's two installations visually surprise with her imaginative use of materials. The installations use the plastic and the playful as a medium for the serious and the real.

Candy Land deals with the duplicitous nature of drugs and the insidious infiltration of consumerism.

In Candy Land, Spee has created a ‘city’ of buildings made from plastic pillboxes, and filled with colourful drugs (sweeties in disguise).

The drug look-alikes allude to modern day drug dependency, both legal and illegal.

Spee's concern is with the cycle of the daily grind of working to nurture our addictions.

The city, a place of work, play and crime, is integral to this treadmill.




Her second work, Incoming, consists of plastic aeroplane-shaped spoons filled with cubes of sugar; effigies to the guilt felt by some for long haul flying and accruing air miles for which we are given rewards.

With her use of accessible, utilitarian materials, Spee asks deeper questions of the individual about life in a world where Disneyland (Candy Land), with all its artificiality, remains attractive.

Dutch-born Marijon Spee completed her art education at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, Auckland and has exhibited regularly in Tauranga and Auckland

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