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Banners focuses on Don Driver's robust assemblages and sculptures that began in the 1970s and remain a vital part of the artist's practice today.

Driver (b. 1930) was a pioneer in the use of assemblage in New Zealand, which has featured prominently in New Zealand art since the 1960s, experiencing a resurgence of popularity amongst contemporary artists in the past few years.




Assemblage is a process where three-dimensional 'found' or ready-made objects (objects made from  non-traditional materials) are combined to create artistic compositions.

Throughout his career he has been interested in sculpture and the three-dimensional effects of wall-based reliefs.


In the 1970s he began using found objects collected from rubbish tips, garage sales, op shops and factories, recycling and re-animating ordinary and discarded materials.

His genius for assemblage has resulted in creations from the most unlikely materials.

Driver lives in New Plymouth and was the subject of a large retrospective exhibition that toured New Zealand in 1999.



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