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Antarctica brings together work by Joyce Campbell, Anne Noble and Connie Samaras on the subject of Antarctica, the most extreme continent on the planet.

Artist residencies enabled each artist to photograph and experience firsthand the severe and almost inhuman conditions.

Each artist approaches the subject with differing yet overlapping frameworks that seek to de-exoticise a landscape that has been romanticised, idealised and made epic.



Campbell approached Antarctica as something vast, savage and primordial, using anachronistic photographic technologies including daguerreotype, that was outmoded by the mid-nineteenth century and which had never been practiced on that continent before.

Samaras’ photographs depict the liminal space between life supporting architecture and the extreme environment, framing the paradoxical relationships inherent in trying to colonise an environment resistant to human habitation. Noble explores representation of the landscape at the point where perception and cognition founders.

The exhibition contains both still and moving imagery. Samara’s compelling four-minute video of the head of a seal appearing from a hole in thick ice to breathe, is an extraordinary engagement with nature.

Toured by The University of Auckland’s Gus Fisher Gallery

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