Art Awards: High Fashion or Enduring Passion?

Are art awards a dedicated follower of fashion, a reflector of current art practice, or can they be a fashioner of future trends?

Author Katherine Hoby

Q&A with Artist Jae Hoon Lee

Korean-born Jae Hoon Lee was among the first artists to exhibit at Tauranga Art Gallery - so what has he been doing since? We sat down with Jae earlier this year to have a chat about his art practice, what inspires him and his art superhero...

Author Katherine Hoby

Art Gallery Photo Etiquette

In a world saturated with filtered photos, Ellie Smith asks: if we are consumed with capturing the perfect selfie in front of an artwork, can we really appreciate the art itself?

Author Ellie Smith

21st Sydney Biennale: The Works that Haunt Me

Rosie Dawson-Hewes, Chairperson of the Tauranga Art Gallery Foundation, shares with us her emotional take-away from the 21st Sydney Biennale that was held earlier this year.

Author Rosie Dawson-Hewes

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